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The Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey consists of approximately 77 statements that employees respond to along with two open-ended and seven demographic questions. This survey makes up the other 75% of the overall score.

We’ll analyze and categorize the results according to 8 Core Focus Areas:

  1. Leadership and Planning
  2. Corporate Culture and Communications
  3. Role Satisfaction
  4. Work Environment
  5. Relationship with Supervisor
  6. Training, Development and Resources
  7. Pay and Benefits
  8. Overall Engagement

Your organization may be interested in custom survey design options to generate more meaningful and actionable employee feedback reports.


View a sample Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey Updated for 2021!

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Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Best Companies Group will be adding the questions contained in the sample below to the employee survey for no additional cost. It is designed to collect feedback from employees who have shifted to working from home as well as from employees who are still reporting to a physical work location. If you do not want these added, please let us know by the registration deadline.

View a sample of the new Work@Home questions added to this year's survey